IMG_0469My name is Andrew and I love golf.  I watch it.  I play it.  Now I’m blogging about it.

Most of my blog posts will be reviews of the courses I’ve played.  For the most part, those courses are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I’ve played several courses in Hawaii and Arizona as well.  And I’ll certainly be taking my sticks to new places (Scotland in June 2016?  Scotland in June 2016!)  Naturally, my reviews will be from my perspective.  What does that mean?  I’m someone who fancies himself a novice student of architecture and design, so I’ll say plenty about that.  But I also care about the practicality of the courses I play and the total golfing experience, like cost and overall enjoyability.  That way, anyone thinking about heading to the same courses will know what to expect.

I also care about becoming a better golfer.  Yes, I know, it’s a futile struggle.  But that won’t stop me from trying.  That’s why you’ll likely see the occasional post about game improvement.  It might be a random tip I found helpful.  Or I may recruit some folks who know a lot more about golf swings than I do to share something.

Finally, I’ll have the occasional musing of whatever is on my mind that I find worth sharing, golf or otherwise.

I hope you enjoy this site.  I welcome any comments you have.  And if you’re ever in the San Francisco area and looking for a game, hit me up!



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